Leo Kennedy is the great grandson of Sergeant Michael Kennedy and was raised in the shadow of his great grandfather's murder. Leo is a member of the Blue Ribbon Foundation, which supports police families and honours the memory of police killed in t... read more

Black Snake: The Real Story of Ned Kelly

This history explores many of the myths and true stories about the notorious outlaws of the oceans, including Captain Kidd and Blackbeard as well as Mary Read and other famous female pirates.

A Brief History of Pirates and Buccaneers


 British History

On 28 January 1547, the sickly and obese King Henry VIII died at Whitehall. Just hours before his passing, his last will and testament had been read, stamped and sealed. The will confirmed the line of succession as Edward, Mary and Elizabeth; and, following them, the Grey a... read more

The King is Dead

'Who hopes still constantly with patience shall obtain victory in their claim' Sometime heir to the English throne, courtier in danger of losing her head, spy-mistress and would-be architect of a united Catholic Britain: Lady Margaret Dou... read more

So High a Blood: The Life of Margaret, Countess of Lennox

The penultimate volume of Peter Ackroyd's masterful History of England series, Dominion begins in 1815 as national glory following the Battle of Waterloo gives way to post-war depression, spanning the last years of the Regency to the death of Queen Victor... read more

Dominion - A History of England Volume V


 British History

Series:Brief Histories

From the arrival of Henry Tudor and his army, at Milford in 1485, to the death of the great Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, this was an astonishingly eventful and contradictory age. All the strands of Tudor life are gathered in a rich tapestry - London and the country... read more



 British History

"[Puts] the Magna Carta in its proper historical context Dan Jones triumphantly answers the questions he poses in his Introduction, about how it came to be granted, what it meant at the time, and what it should mean to us today." Andrew Roberts, "New York Times... read more

Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty

Spinning Tops & Gumdrops captures a time when `imagination, skill, and daring' was the source of children's play. Quoits and jacks, hide and seek, cricket with a kerosene tin for a wicket, dress ups and charades, can all be seen in... read more

Spinning Tops & Gumdrops: A Portrait of Colonial Childhood

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Kings & Queens of England: From the Saxon Kings



Situated at the crossroads of three continents, the Middle East has confounded the ambition of conquerors and peacemakers alike. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all had their genesis in the region but with them came not just civilization and religion, but also some o... read more

A Short History of the Middle East



Series:A Brief History of

His grandfather was the bloodthirsty Mongol leader Genghis Khan, his mother a Christian princess. Groomed from childhood for a position of authority, Khubilai snatched the position of Great Khan, becoming the overlord of a Mongol federation that stretched from the Balka... read more

A Brief History of Khublai Khan