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The wood oven revolution is here. Anyone with an outside space, from a city centre balcony to a leafy green country garden, can pick up an outdoor oven and start cooking. The range available is expanding all the time - catering for every budget and skill level - and yet until now there hasn... read more



 Food & Cooking

From the mountainous reaches of Val d'Aosta in northern Italy to the emerald shores of Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean, the art of preparing pasta pivots around one essential fact- The sauce has to be perfect. Now food writer, cooking teacher, and Milan native Mi... read more

The Best Pasta Sauces


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The Good Gut Cookbook

A sweet collection of 50 recipes for ice cream sandwiches from London's popular Buttercup Bake Shop. Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat for both kids and adults, whether you prefer zesty lemon ice cream surrounded by soft ginger c... read more


Cooking doesn't have to be complicated - that's why Jamie'sQuick & Easy 5-Ingredient Foodis sure to become your new best friend in the kitchen. It's all about making the journey to good food, super-simple. Every recipe uses just five key ingredients... read more

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food Jamie Oliver

Discover how to turn pulses, grains and sea vegetables into pasta dough, spiralized noodles, soups, pasta salads, pasta bowls, baked pastas and even desserts. From nutrient-filled artisan pastas to water-pac... read more

Pasta Reinvented: Gluten-free Pastas, Alternative Noodles, 80 Creative and Delicious Recipes

"Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey" is an ambitious journey, avoiding the beaten track and tourist hot-spots, in search of the authentic food of Southeast Asia. In this accompanying book to the major BBC series, Rick shares his favourite recipes and some well-kn... read more

Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey


 Food & Cooking

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Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance is on the rise, with popular ingredients now off-limit for some. Prepackaged foods can be rife with hidden gluten, so we give you the tools to navigate labels, and take control of your diet by making your own deliciou... read more

AWW Gluten Free The Complete Collection

The whole wellness world is going nuts for guts, and with good reason. The discovery that the gut and brain are not distinct and separate entities but closely connected is life–changing for everyone. Now, it is impossible to ignore the importance of gut h... read more

The Garden Apothecary: The Happy Gut

Slow cookers aren't just for beef stew! At last, a collection of tried-and-tested slow-cooker recipes for vegetarians and vegie-lovers alike

Slow Cooker Vegetarian: Healthy and Wholesome, Comforting and Convenient