Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Series:Teen Ser.

Will it be a boy or a girl? Nothing can prepare Jess and Nick for when Jess gives birth to their first - moose. Four legs won't fit into a romper suit and what will grandma say? But there has been a spate of Non-Homo-Sapien births round the country and everyone else is coping, disembowelled labradors apart.

Moose Baby (RA 8+ IA 13+)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Evacuated from London at the outbreak of war, Rosie is taken in by kind Mrs Taylor and her daughter Mary...but all is not as it seems. Mary resents and bullies Rosie, and Mrs Taylor is hiding a dark secret. When Rosie comes across a strange gi... read more

Still Water (Super readable)


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Series:Gr8read Ser.

When the dam begins to crack open, and the water begins to overflow, Tom knows he's in trouble. But who is the mysterious stranger who comes to his rescue?

Torrent (RA 7 IA 12+)

A World War Two-set chiller from the author of The Tales of Terror, perfect for fans of Darren Shan and Neil Gaiman.During the Blitz, Bill wishes he had a brother rather than his sister. After the raid, the family find and adopt a badly mutilated boy, hi... read more

Flesh and Blood

Taka must prove himself in a dangerous mission to become a ninja. Thrilling adventure from the author of the Young Samurai books

First Mission (Ninja #1)

Lily is absolutely desperate for her very own dog. She's wanted one for as long as she can remember and no other pet will do. But Mum says they can't keep one in their new flat - disaster! So when Lily meets a fellow dog-lover in the park one day... read more

My Dog Daisy (RA8 IA8-12)

Rosie Roberts has a secret. So when she moves to a new school, she's desperate not to draw too much attention to herself. But things aren't so easy when your Mum is the popular new teacher everyone is talking about...Heartfelt drama, perfect for tweens. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 8+

Running from the Rainbow (RA8 IA8-12)

Hare-brained schemes and clever wisecracks abound in this fun comedy. A 'pirate' crew set sail across their local park pond in a homemade boat - there's treasure to be found! But will the gang of modern-day scallywags be able to outw... read more

The Pitt Street Pirates (RA 7 IA 7-12)

Set against the stark but beautiful Yorkshire landscape, The Truth of Things is a gritty and authentic perspective on rural working-class life that encapsulates all the unique and unflinching power of family love. A deftly handled exploration of modern p... read more

Truth of Things


 Dyslexia Friendly and Reluctant Readers

Series:Little Gems

A fun, swashbuckling adventure. Ben arrives at pirate school ready and raring to learn all about how to be the best pirate he can be! But instead of lessons in walking the plank, cutlass-swinging and singing sea shanties, the Headmistress ... read more

Skulduggery (Little Gems IA 5-8)