What if Dorothy Gale wasn't the only person who went to see the Wizard of Oz? MGM's landmark 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, starring Judy Garland, did not mark the beginning of adventures in Oz. Both before and since, dozens of tales have b... read more

A Brief Guide To OZ: 75 Years Going Over The Rainbow

2016 marks the 150th birthday of Beatrix Potter, making it the perfect time to pay tribute to the beloved author/illustrator with A Celebration of Beatrix Potter
  ... read more

A Celebration of Beatrix Potter - Art and Letters By More Than 30 of Today's Favorite Children's Book Illustrators


 Biography or Memoir

Reading Level:4 Non Fiction

Far from worrying about the onset of war, in the spring of 1938 the burning question on the French Riviera was whether one should curtsey to the Duchess of Windsor. Few of those who had settled there thought much about what was going on in the rest of Europe. It was a gold... read more

Chanel's Riviera

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death comes a new perspective on one of the most compelling icons of our time-and the only book written by someone who knew him.
In early 1991, top music manager Danny Goldberg agreed to take on Nirvana,... read more

Serving The Servant - Kurt Cobain

Elena Ferrante is one of the greatest novelists of our time. Read her novels and don't worry about who she is: you will be entranced by her writing. Fragments is a riveting compilation, over the course of her writing career, of Elena Ferrante's... read more

Frantumaglia: Fragments: on Writing and Reading


 Biography or Memoir

Reading Level:General Adult

Pamela Paul has kept a single book by her side for twenty-eight years - carried throughout high school and college, hauled from Paris to London to Thailand, from job to job, safely packed away and then carefully removed from a... read more

My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues

In 1788 a young gentlewoman raised in the vicarage of an English village married a handsome, haughty and penniless army officer. In any Austen novel that would be the end of the story, but for the real-life woman who became an Australi... read more

Elizabeth Macarthur: A Life at the Edge of the World


 Biography or Memoir

Robyn Williams, presenter of The Science Show on ABC Radio, reveals all in Turmoil, a searingly honest and often blackly funny reflection on his life, friends, the people he loves and loathes, and a multi-faceted career that includes over forty years on radio. Robyn writes frankly ... read more


Maud Berridge (1845-1907) was the wife of a Master Mariner, and she travelled with him on at least five occasions (1869, 1880, 1882, 1883, 1886), sailing to Melbourne with emigrants and cargo. The first occasion wa... read more

The Epic Voyages of Maud Berridge: The seafaring diaries of a Victorian lady


 Biography or Memoir

Reading Level:3

Caro Llewellyn's family was unconventional from the beginning. Her parents met in hospital, where her father, confined to an iron lung after contracting polio, seduced his nurse and married her.
Growing up, Caro watched her father embrace life, undaunted and ingenio... read more

Diving into Glass


 Biography or Memoir

Reading Level:good

Moab is My Washpot is in turns funny, shocking, tender, delicious, sad, lyrical, bruisingly frank and addictively readable. Stephen Fry's bestselling memoir tells how, sent to a boarding school 200 miles from home at the age of seven, he survived beatings, misery, love, ... read more

Moab is My Washpot


 Biography or Memoir

For centuries women have had to tackle the myths surrounding motherhood. From the Madonna figure sacrificing everything for the child to the dutiful housewife juggling chores, mothers have always been expected to put themselves last. But it's time to bust open the myths and shi... read more

Badass Mums